Course on Cryptonomics and the Blockchain

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Course on Cryptonomics and the Blockchain

Course Description

The course aims at covering the main aspects behind the crypto and Blockchain revolutions. From the inception of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the proliferation into multiple “coins” with their own nuances and particular uses, to the disruptive underlying technology known as the Blockchain. The course also goes over the challenges and the potential ways through which entrepreneurs can add value in this ever-changing environment. The course also explains in detail the fundamentals of the technologies behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, including smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Some of the topics covered are:

Audience and Total Hours

The course can be taught in Universities, Business Schools, Institutions and Organizations, and its length can be adapted depending on the departmental/institutional/organization needs


I teach this course in English at ESADE Business School with great interest of and participation from students


English and Spanish


Feel free to contact me at AngelLuis.Lopez [at] uab [dot] cat for more info on the course